Ello~! Welcome to YumwithMish!

I’m your foodie, Misha!

YumwithMish is where you can find me taking fun amateur pictures of food with my iPhone and giving reviews about the restaurants and foods I eat.

You’ll find me cooking up some easy recipes (cause honestly I’m on a budget) but I assure you it’ll be gooooood like yummy fantabulous good. I love trying new things and finding and learning about cooking/food.

I love all food … but (I have to be honest) I do not like cauliflower. I don’t like the texture the colour. It is like an imposter broccoli!

Thanks for stopping by!

Come with me and lets eat yummables! YUMwithMish!

YUM YUM get in me belly~!


Also all these photos were taken by me (and eaten by me). If you want to use these pictures for any reason, please credit me accordingly: with my blog name or website.





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