Minga minga minga


I love Korean food I mean how can you not?

I love the side dishes they give so many side dishessss and unlimiteeeeddddd.

Minga was a good place. It’s a small place in Columbus in a mini strip mall.. like super mini. Its on Bethel Road, which has a lot of Korean locations there. There is a Korean Market next to it, across the street is Tea Zone which has Korean pastries and PatBingsu (shaved ice), and down the street there is Poongmei and Gogi (it used to be Sansu)

Its not a fancy place, but its homey and the food is good. I got the Kalbitang. Holy snickies the meat was big. Now if you don’t know me… I love meat and I judge based on portion. lol and of course taste. Now the meat is still on the bone so you will be eating like a cavemen  unless you can eat ladylike somehow with this massive bone. the soup was seasoned just right. I don’t like things salty. But if you do like it salty just ask for pepper and salt.

I’ll give this place

3.5 out of 5.


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