Saucy Chuys



aesthetically pleasing picture


closeup on da food

I went to Chuys on a whim with a friend for lunch. It seemed like a cool very vibrant place to go. I got the number 2 Elvis something…BTW Don’t get guac on the side- it was $2.29! 😱  goodness gracious. I should have went to Chipotle and gotten guac. I thought it was like a dollar but $2.29? NO. I can get 2 burgers at McDonalds with that or tamales or something.

Chips were a little thin so it kept breaking each time I put it in salsa and the other sauces.
Oh! that was fun to try, there are like 5 salsa sauces for your chips and … chips are refillable.

The service was meh. I think the Fajitas were the best to honest ( I mean you can’t screw up fajitas cause I’m pretty much making my own taco.)

LOL actually behind us was a couple who just ate the chips and left. hahaha is that even allowed?

Other than that it was good~ and you wont be eating dinner after this. This will make you full… Twice!! I’ve only been here twice… if you want tex mex and its your thing… go for it. it is definitely TEX MEX not Mex. Honestly I’m just a simple Mexican food fan. but this was just too much sauce everything. #chuys #chuystexmex


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