I’m in love with the Pho Bowl


Pho! (pronounced fuh not po or fo just fyi) I’m in love with the Pho Bowl!

<if you don’t know what song i’m referring to please click on the link below.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SjoE5F8EbY   >

So Linh’s bistro is just one of the many pho restaurants in the area. I’m sure you guys have hear like “PHO- Me” “Pho69” “What the Pho?” “Pho- King” yeah yeah hardy har har.

Anywho if you haven’t had pho OMG you are missing out! Its this wonderful concoction of rice noodles and meat and veges (or just veges). The broth is so hot and wonderfully flavoured!

Now here at Linh’s the soup is a little watered down compared to other broths I had, but I’m the type that likes mild flavour not extreme so to me it was just right. They give you lots of meats usually brisket and meatballs. Other places give tripe, but here they didn’t which I was kinda sad.

I don’t put sriracha or hoisin sauce in my soup,  I like the broth just the way it is cause honestly the broth is filled with flavour already! I love cilantro, lime, and bean sprouts. I know many people don’t like the smell of cilantro, so you can just take it out. Veges are always an option with pho cause you put them in yourself. I usually dip the meat in the hoisin sauce though giving it a sweet flavour.

But if you want to put sriracha or hoisin sauce in your broth be my guest. Apparently most do like it a little spicy or sweet.
My friend though loves limes and sriracha. Usually they give you 2-3 limes to give it a slight sour taste. But my friend puts in at least 5 -6 slices of lime and a whole bunch of sriracha in her broth.

Exhibit A.


I tasted her broth. OMG it was literally lime juice and sriracha. I had no idea what she was eating.

So on the scale of bleh to yum!

bleh(yuck)-huh? (WTF?)- meh(interesting/edible) – Mmm(good) – yum! (Fantabulous)

YUM! I would most definitely go back and eat it again to fulfill my pho cravings. I do wish they had some tripe and stuff but I’ll survive.

I did hear a rumour that if you run out of noodles they will refill you with noodles. I shall have to try it out and notify you guys.  Also perhaps try other Vietnamese food as well.

Eat ya’lls later! ( I meant the food. ^_^)


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