Recently, I went to IHOP for the first time. Yes. FOR THE FIRST TIME. Shocking? not really. I don’t really like breakfast food. So I’ll have it occasionally. Anywho, my friend and I went to get breakfast secretly after working out. ( We had to avoid our workout trainer.)

The place is fairly new and definitely clean. It had a homey feeling to it. Lots of browns and blues. Way better than WaffleHouse (that’ll be another adventure to talk about). But because my friend and I felt guilty for even eating, we got water with lemon. Yay for Health.

I ordered the Breakfast Sampler and my friend ordered the Fried steak & eggs. Both of our orders come with pancakes. Which I had to try cause isn’t IHOP known for pancakes?

NOTE: this was 8am — I have no idea how she could eat a steak in the morning but she devoured it.

While we were waiting our eyes kept wandering to the mini table stand menu thingy (what is that called?). RED VELVET PANCAKES. whhhaaaat? Darn we should have gotten those. I didn’t know there were such things. I’m disappointed in myself. I usually take a while looking at the menu, cause I like trying new things, but I must have been tired and just saw the typical American breakfast. shame on me… tsk tsk.

The food was great. I love potatoes so the hash browns were the first to go, but I wish they gave like 2 of them; I wish it was crispier. The ham was meh, but those sausage links. OMG to die for. I could have eaten 10. but sadly they only gave two. Like I said I am not a breakfast person ( I know its the most important meal of the day blah blah) but eating this heightened my appetite. My friend actually had the Fried steak & eggs the week before and said it was delish and crunchy and fried. She loves fried food. That is like her staple food, but since working out she is trying to avoid it. …. “Trying to”

I think the interesting part of IHOP were the syrups. There was blueberry and strawberry syrups! Who’d have thunk? My friend and I were kinda skeptical of the flavours, but by far the blueberry was the best. Definitely try the blueberry syrup.

Overall on a scale of bleh and yum

bleh(yuck)-huh? (WTF?)- meh(interesting/edible) – Mmm(good) – yum! (Fantabulous)

It was meh/mmm. It tasted like a regular breakfast that i could make at home but i’m lazy to do. I was able to take a good picture though, but without the pancakes it would have been just a simple dish, which they got the concept of that well. The best part was the syrup and sausages. Which i later found out you can buy in stores…. they shouldn’t have done that. It should have been like a secret recipe thing. BUT I definitely will go back again and try the “Blackberry & Vanilla Double-dipped brioche French Toast”

Note to self: Try the the red velvet pancake AND! the Raspberry white chocolate pancake.  oh oh oh oh and the Blackberry & Vanilla Double-dipped brioche French Toast. Whoa that was a mouthful. apparently its new! I’ll put the link down below :
New! Blackberry & Vanilla Double-Dipped Brioche French Toast




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